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Emergency Balance
SIM Credit service allows mobile operator’s subscribers to recharge their balance by taking a loan (credit) from operator. As a result, subscriber can always be in touch, make calls, send SMS, surf the internet, use infotainment operator’s VAS, etc. '' System is provided by our partners Unifun''
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Beep Call is an alternative way of informing subscribers about call attempts of out of balance subscribers by sending real missed calls to the called party (any direction). Revenue is generated by callbacks. '' System is provided by our partners Unifun''
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IVR Radio
IVR Radio is an infotainment IVR service that allows users to listen to more than 100 online radio stations from the whole world. The service works on all cell phone models and does not require internet connection or external apps. '' System is provided by our partners Unifun''
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IVR Fun Box
FunBox is an entertainment IVR portal where subscribers receive unlimited access to popular and hottest services (Dating, Player, Jokes, etc.) with the most interesting and constantly updated content. '' System is provided by our partners Unifun''
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IVR Broadcaster
IVR Broadcaster is a powerful tool for automatic voice informing of subscribers about operator’s services and important events. The main advantage is that the promoted services can be activated during the call “on the go” without breaking the connection '' System is provided by our partners Unifun''
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Ordering Plus
Digital Ordering System with a Branded Experience • Digital Menu • Management Dashboards • Campaigns and Notifications • Customer Feedback • Order workflow
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GoStars – Mass Market Loyalty
Mass Market Loyalty for Multi-Merchant • Mini CRM and Dashboards • Management Dashboards • Campaigns and Notifications • Customer Feedback • Easy to implement • Cost Effective
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Rodger - Google Inc.
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Mike - Uber Inc.

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